Definitions for "Specialisation"
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The principal area of study within a programme, e.g., Jazz Performance within the BMus(Hons). This is also known as a major at Massey.
(see Major studies)
Specialisation is a focussed area of study which leads to a student's attaining academic expertise in that area. Example of specialisations include French, Biological Science, Taxation etc.
the special line of work you have adopted as your career; "his specialization is gastroenterology"
(biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function; "cell differentiation in the developing embryo"
The setting apart of a particular organ for the performance of a particular function. 198
A coherent group of related courses from different subjects.
the process of creating special webpages (for submission to search-engines) in order to gain a high ranking in search-engine results
The relationship that holds between a more general class and a more specific class. (The inverse of generalisation.)
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the act of specializing; making something suitable for a special purpose
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an option and not a requirement