Definitions for "Specialists"
Faculty members with expertise and specialized knowledge in a particular subject - matter area. involved in translating and disseminating researched - based material to county Extension agents and their clientele groups. Specialists usually have a doctorate degree with rank equivalent to the campus professor system.
Physicians whose practices are limited to treating a specific disease (e.g., oncologists), specific parts of the body (e.g., ear, nose and throat), a specific age group (e.g., pediatricians), or specific procedures (e.g., oral surgery).
Physicians who are not primary care doctors and who specialize in a given field. Included are surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, etc.
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In this document, it refers to those whose main role is the support of dyslexic learners and who have been trained specifically for that role.
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People who produce a narrower range of goods and services than they consume (also called specialized workers).