Definitions for "Specify"
To name or state explicitly or in detail. To include as an item in a specification. To describe a set of detailed requirements. [D03292] Webster
State precisely in detail or name explicitly.
Definition: Use the verb specify to describe more complex methods of inputting information. Use specify when referring to a dialog element such as a drop-down combination box, spin box, slider, text box. Usage: Normal text rules. Example: Use the Minimum size spin box to specify the minimum width of the window list buttons. Note: Do not use specify with simpler dialog elements such as check boxes and radio buttons. Use select instead.
select something or someone for a specific purpose; "The teacher assigned him to lead his classmates in the exercise"
To mention or name, as a particular thing; to designate in words so as to distinguish from other things; as, to specify the uses of a plant; to specify articles purchased.
specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement; "The will stipulates that she can live in the house for the rest of her life"; "The contract stipulates the dates of the payments"
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define clearly; "I cannot narrow down the rules for this game"
design or destine; "She was intended to become the director"
decide upon or fix definitely; "fix the variables"; "specify the parameters"
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be specific about; "Could you please specify your criticism of my paper?"
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determine the essential quality of