Definitions for "Speckle"
A little or spot in or anything, of a different substance or color from that of the thing itself.
To mark with small spots of a different color from that of the rest of the surface; to variegate with spots of a different color from the ground or surface.
a small contrasting part of something; "a bald spot"; "a leopard's spots"; "a patch of clouds"; "patches of thin ice"; "a fleck of red"
produce a mottled effect; "The sunlight stippled the trees"
a mottled pattern that arises when laser light falls on a non-specular reflecting surface
Droplets of paint spattered on your project by dipping a toothbrush in paint and running your fingernail over the bristles. Plain paint makes small speckles; the more water you add to the paint, the larger the speckles. Experiment with this and test it before applying it to any project.
a single area of high intensity due to the interference patterns caused by the light passing through the ground glass disk