Definitions for "Speech recognition"
The process of listening to and interpreting spoken utterances. The Speech Recognition Manager provides speech recognition services for Macintosh computers.
The technology that allows a person to speak a computer command rather than typing it. The computer understands the command and implements the task. Algorithm-based programming enables computers to recognise the words of human speech and to record them to memory, where they can be saved into files or used to command and interact with an IVR system. Software programs transform recognised words into digitised text. Discrete-speech systems require the user to speak slowly and distinctly. Continuous-speech systems allow a user to speak naturally.
The process in which software digitizes spoken words, then uses mathematical models to identify and transcribe the words. Voice-recognition software is used with an increasingly wide range of business software.
or speech identification the process or technology that identifies individuals through analysis of a facet of their physiology or behavior (i.e. qualities of their speech)