Definitions for "Speeds"
Normal Speed: The maximum authorized speed. Limited Speed: For freight trains, not exceeding 40 MPH. For passenger trains, not exceeding 45 MPH. Medium Speed: Not exceeding 30 MPH. Restricted Speed: Within interlocking, not exceeding 15 MPH. Outside interlocking, not exceeding 20 MPH. Slow Speed: Not exceeding 15 MPH.
Controlled Speed: A speed that will permit stopping within one-half the range of vision. It will also permit stopping short of a train, a car, an obstruction, on-track equipment, or a stop signal. Limited Speed: A speed not exceeding 45 miles per hour. Maximum Authorized Speed: The highest speed permitted for any train on a subdivision or portion of a subdivision. It will be found listed under "Maximum Authorized Speed" in special instructions. Medium Speed: A speed not exceeding 30 miles per hour. Restri