Definitions for "Sprig"
A sprig is usually a press molded piece, like a medalian or flure de lie, adhered to larger ceramic ware as a decorative embellishment. When both are leatherhard. The surfaces to be adhered are stratched or roughened and adhered [ "glued" ] with slurry.
Decorative pieces, usually press-moulded, applied to pot when it is leather hard.
Keywords:  spray, laurel, shoot, parsley, twig
A small shoot or twig of a tree or other plant; a spray; as, a sprig of laurel or of parsley.
short side-shoots on a main stem.
A leaves of an herb still attached to the stem often used as a garnish.
Keywords:  eyebolt, barbed, adorn, muslin, ragged
A small eyebolt ragged or barbed at the point.
To mark or adorn with the representation of small branches; to work with sprigs; as, to sprig muslin.
small branch or division of a branch; usually applied to branches of the current or preceding year
Keywords:  nail, brad, dowel, head, stick
A brad, or nail without a head.
1. Small dowel stick used to attach two pieces of wood together. 2. A finishing nail without a head.
A youth; a lad; -- used humorously or in slight disparagement.