Definitions for "Sprinkler system"
An automatic system of water pipes fitted with sprinkler heads at suitable intervals and heights designed to detect excessive heat and discharge the water into the room at a certain temperature.
An integrated system of piping and sprinklers installed in an area or building to suppress or extinguish a fire when activated.
a system for extinguishing fires; water from a network of overhead pipes is released through nozzles that open automatically with the rise in temperature
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a great convenience and can help you get the thick, green lawn you have always wanted
a system of sprinklers used to water lawns
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a high hazard connection and only PVBs and RPAs are Ok'd for high hazard
(1) part of a Storz that detects and signals presence of smoke; (2) self-contained household device for same purpose as (1) but with its own noisemaking device.
a substantially expensive investment
a wise investment that we highly recommend