Definitions for "Spyder"
or Spider In the early 1900s, a light two-seater car. In the 1950s the word was revived by some Italian manufacturers for an open two seater sports car.
Known as Spider in the early 1900s, it is just a light two-seater car. Some Italian manufacturers used this term for an open two seater sports car in 1950.
a convertible Eclipse only sold by Mitsubishi
Spyder is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He is the alien head of the Webb, an intergalactic trading organization. His principal interest, however, is the gaining of wealth through unscrupulous business practices.
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A small roadster, such as the Porsche 550 and Toyota MR2.
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a Kingman marker
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Founded in 1978 by David L. Jacobs, Spyder is a manufacturer of branded ski apparel and is the largest ski-specialty brand in the world. Spyder became an official supplier to the U.S.
is a program that visits and collects specific information from a web page, including the URL and indexing the keywords and text of each page it finds, which is stored in a searchable index.
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A race of intelligent, six-limbed near-humans.