Definitions for "spyGLass"
A small telescope for viewing distant terrestrial objects.
a small refracting telescope
n. a small telescope
Spyglass, Inc. , was an internet software company based in Champaign, Illinois. The company, founded in 1990, was an offshoot of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and created to commercialize and support technologies from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Prominent among these was the Mosaic browser, of which Spyglass licensed the technology and trademarks to develop their own Web browser.
Keywords:  ltrace, opengl, debugger, tracer, flag
spyGLass is an OpenGL call tracer and debugger. It goes a step further than simply using ltrace because it knows what the arguments to the various gl* calls are, and it also knows about OpenGL's error flag.
miniature lighthouse sculpture, typically 2.5 - 3" high. The first set of 4 Spyglass lighthouses were a gift to Collectors Society members during the membership year 1995-96. In 1997, Harbour Lights introduced a set of 7 New England Spyglass lighthouses and in 1998 a set of 7 Southern Belles was issued. Except for the original 4, Spyglass lighthouses are not limited in quantity.