Definitions for "Spying"
Foremost among the sexual perversions explored in the so-called "nasty" games, voyeurism, or spying, probably reached its greatest heights in orphanage and boarding school settings, although it flourished in the doll games wherever private spaces (often marked by segments of rug — see Rug) existed to be violated by curious eye and ear The ubiquity of the practice within the doll games must surely be read in part as a commentary by the authors upon their own voyeuristic relation to the doll world, and may also register a certain paranoia regarding the "parental voyeur" possibly lurking on the other side of the door to Shelley’s room.
a major lynchpin in our government's campaign against democracy in America while allegedly promoting it overseas
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See Espionage.
keeping a secret or furtive watch
the act of keeping a secret watch for intelligence purposes
a "no harm, no foul until a criminal prosecution," that does not appear to be the SCOTUS's view
a response to, and has been made possible by, some of the fundamental technological changes that have taken place in recent years
the act of detecting something; catching sight of something
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a distinct concrete injury
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