Definitions for "Squick"
Keywords:  disgust, fic, reader, bloodlplay, 'ewww
To be disturbed or disgusted at a gut level. Some people are squicked out by the thought of swallowing jizz, others are squicked out by the thought of men popping out babies, still others are squicked by the thought of licking an armpit. No one can judge another's squick factor, and what seems erotic to one person might totally squick out someone else.
Something a reader may find disturbing. For instance, blood, sex with an underage character (this is generally interpreted as under 18 years of age) or scat (using human excrement in a sexual way). Stories with squick potential are usually labeled as such (always on this site). It is considered the responsibility of the reader to avoid stories marked with elements that have a high squick factor since this is a personal judgment call.
Includes some gross concept or disgusting description that makes you go 'ewww!'
(v.) To cause a surprised or exasperated reaction in another, usually by doing something they consider unacceptable or uncalled for. In some furry circles, it is entertaining to "squick" the mundanes with furry culture that is generally unacceptable by the moral right.
Keywords:  creeps, story, pairing, fetish, element
a pairing, a fetish, a story element etc. that gives you the creeps.