Definitions for "Stalky"
Keywords:  taste, stems, stemmy, green, unripe
The odour reported from wines produces from musts containing fresh green stems. Describes some musts left in prolonged contact with the grape skins during fermentation.
Can mean vegetal, but used more frequently to describe wine with a green astringent character that has probably had too much contact with the stems.
Smells and tastes of grape stems or has leaf- or hay-like aromas.
Keywords:  skilful, sloppy, tea, plucking, coarse
A by-product of sloppy plucking-excessive amount of tea plant stalk is visible.
Term used to describe teas with stalk in them. Usually indicates presence of red stalk resulting from rolling that was too hard, or due to coarse leaf. A certain amount of stalk is removed by skilful sorting during manufacture.
Keywords:  resembling, hard
Hard as a stalk; resembling a stalk.