Definitions for "Stalling"
Keywords:  wrestle, tactic, takedown, promo, delay
a tactic used to mislead or delay
Stalling is when a wrestler does not wrestle aggressively; continuously avoids contact with his opponent; plays the edge of the mat; delays the match; prevents his opponent from returning to inbounds area; is not attempting to secure a takedown. A wrestler will be warned one time and is penalized on each successive stalling infraction.
A heel tactic whereby anything is done to avoid wrestling, circling the opponent, grabbing the mic and cutting a promo on them and hiding in the corner and ducking away would all constitute as stalling tactics.
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The player holding the disc has just ten seconds to pass it to a team-mate - the defender marking the player with the disc counts to ten out loud, and if the disc has not been released on "ten" the defender takes possession. Forcing the thrower to make a less-than-ideal pass as the "stall count" nears ten is the idea behind most defensive strategies.
Failure to shoot or advance the ball within 35 seconds of gaining possession, resulting in loss of possession.
The failure of a team to shoot or advance the ball within 35 seconds. Stalling is an ordinary foul. No warning is given by the referee.
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Stalling, in a timed game, refers to obstructing the flow of play while in the lead, in the hopes of maintaining it.