Definitions for "Standing Orders"
A document which details the rules and regulations within which a statutory NHS organisation has to work within, to make sure that its decisions and actions are carried out openly and honestly.
Permanent rules governing the conduct of business in the House, e.g., the stages through which Bills proceed, conduct of debate, etc.
The rules of procedure which govern many aspects of the internal operation of the Parliament and its proceedings. The current set of standing orders is contained in a statutory instrument (SI 1999 no. 1095), but the Procedures Committee is required by Rule 17.1.1 to propose to the Parliament a draft set of standing orders before 6 May 2000
"Keep then out of the trees." Actual orders to yours truly when on SP in Gitmo Naval base, Cuba.
The term used to cover the agenda and timetable (and any alterations made to it in standing orders reports issued to delegates between the publication of the motions and timetable booklet and the start of conference sessions). Produced by the standing orders committee.
Section 8 of the Penitentiary Regulations permits the institutional head of a penitentiary to issue Standing Orders which include all orders that are peculiar to his institution.
instructions to pay set amounts on set dates to set recipients.