Definitions for "STATE OF MIND"
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a great Album, love the songs, and she's really funny The rest of the girls are just fine for me, I recognize that Melanie C has a beauty voice, and I like her albums too
Pertaining to offered proof which shows what a person's state of mind was at the time that person made an out-of-court statement or actions, in order to show bias or other factors which can be used to impeach that person's testimony.
State of Mind is the name of an album by industrial music artists Front Line Assembly. It was originally released in 1988 by Dossier, on both Compact Disc and LP format.
a documentary by Daniel Gordon about North Korea, as seen through the eyes of two young girls preparing themselves for the Mass Games, a dancing-gymnastics extravaganza to show their support for General Kim Jong Il and the communist way of life
an observational documentary film following two North Korean schoolgirls and their families in the lead up to the Mass Games - the biggest and most elaborate human performance on earth
a celebratory book written by several prominent Alberta historians and writers and is a testament to the unique characteristics that makes Alberta what it is today
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a temporary psychological state
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the state of a person's cognitive processes
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a plan for all people who wish to feel better, look better, and to be more in control of their body
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