Definitions for "Stemming"
Some search engines and directories support word stemming and recognize common variations of a word. An example of word stemming is "act, acting, actor, acts, actress". If a query for actor is used, pages that have actress, acting or act could also be displayed.
Search engines such as Google use a process called stemming to deliver results based on a word's root spelling. An example would be similar search results returned for clothes as for the word clothing. Stemming is the ability for a search engine to search for variations of a word based on its stem. For example, entering "swim" might also find "swims" and maybe "swimming," depending on the search engine.[ edit
The process of determining root words. For example, querying a search engine using the word "computer" might return results for "computers" or "computing". Stop Words
Material placed in the top of a blast hole, overlying the explosive, which prevents all the explosive energy blowing out of the top of the hole. Click diagram to enlarge.
An inert material used to confine or separate explosives in a borehole.
The noncombustible material used on top or in front of a charge or explosive.
Technique in which the hands and/or feet are pressed in opposition far out to each side, as in a dihedral or wide chimney.
Technique in which the hands and/or feet are used in opposition, pressed against each side of a corner or wide chimney.
a technique employing the use of opposing forces on two angles of rock; usually used in a chimney
The process of removing stems from tobacco leaves; it can be done by hand, as it is for cigar wrappers, or by machine, as it is for cigarette tobaccos. Also known as stripping.
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See truncation.
skidding or sometimes stepping of the ski out into a convergent position, resulting in a situation where the stemmed ski is on its inside edge.