Definitions for "Stow"
Keywords:  pack, proper, compactly, mow, sheaves
To place or arrange in a compact mass; to put in its proper place, or in a suitable place; to pack; as, to stowbags, bales, or casks in a ship's hold; to stow hay in a mow; to stow sheaves.
To put away in some place; to hide; to lodge.
To arrange anything compactly in; to fill, by packing closely; as, to stow a box, car, or the hold of a ship.
Keywords:  onboard, ack, boat, sail, corner
To put away or to store onboard
to put away ack - the front, lower corner of the sail, also course with the wind coming from the side of the boat, also to change course by turning into the wind so that the wind comes from the other side of the boat
To put an object away onboard a boat, to store.
Keywords:  furl
To neatly arrange suspension lines on the deployment bag or steering toggles in their position on the rear risers.
The placing and securing of cargo or containers on a vessel or on an aircraft. This also includes placing and securing cargo in a container.
To load with cargo or provisions
To put away. To stow cargo in a hold.
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Synthetic Theater of War
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To put something away.