Definitions for "Straps"
( Tab Modern terms include: Buckle attachment strap,) Straps and latchets are formed by bringing tabs from the quarters forward over the instep for fastening the shoe. Straps are used to buckle or button the shoe; latchets are used to tie the shoes. Straps are often incorrectly called latchets. A strap or tab formed when the top front of the quarter is extended and passes over the instep of the foot, sometimes resting on the tongue of the shoe vamp. These are used to fasten a shoe with buckles. They are similar to a Latchet Languides or straps, the one tied with shoe ties, the latter with buckles. [Holme, 1688
A circus apparatus and name of circus genre. Aerial strength-involving genre in which an apparatus consists in two narrow bands made of close-woven material (at present, they are mainly parachute straps) fastened under the circus cupola. By wrapping the strap ends around hands a performer does various feats and stands that are looked like sportsmen's exercises on sports rings.
An exercise aid used by many lifters. Lifting straps are wrapped around the bar and are connected to the lifter's wrists, eliminating grip strength from the equation. This allows more focus to be put on the targeted muscles instead of the wrists and forearms.
usually made from soft webbing these are attached to the flying lines, from which the pilot controls the kite. Stretch: the amount a line momentarily lengthens when pulled. Spectra has very low stretch, kevlar has slightly more, nylon has a lot. Stretch affects responsiveness and size of control movements.
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Lead alloy castings that connect a number of same polarity plates together in a cell and carry current