Definitions for "Stubs"
a RuntimeException , and RMI's RemoteException isn't so it's checked by the compiler
An extendable connection segment at the edge of an object. Object definitions define the number, appearance, and placement of connection stubs on a class of objects. You can also add and delete stubs for individual objects.
Java classes that act as interfaces for remote software objects. Stubs are instantiated on the client and are passed method calls, which the stub then repackages for delivery through an ORB to remote software objects. In many distributed object systems, stubs are referred to as proxies.
(bar grating) - The bearing bar lengths along the cut edge of a piece of bar grating measured from the end to the nearest cross bar.
Pieces of programs, usually functions or procedures, that provide the correct interface but not the correct implementation of some other piece of program, typically a function or an abstract data structure. A stub makes it possible to test certain aspects of a high-level function or abstract data type without having implemented all of the lower-level functions or abstract data types that it uses. Stubs are necessary when top-down programming is used.