Definitions for "Stylesheets"
Keywords:  cascading, css, layout, update, website
Also known as cascading stylesheets (CSS), stylesheets originate from the world of print. They allow you to separate the content of a document (for example copy and images) from the presentation (such as fonts and layouts). The main benefit is that you can change a single stylesheet and all the pages that use the stylesheet will automatically be updated. If a website has been created using proper CSS, it is possible to apply your own stylesheet to a website, which lets you display it according to your own preferences.
Same as CSS. In web design, stylesheets refers to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Style Sheets allows web designers to control the style and layout of websites very easily. Styles can be declared in an external style sheet, then all web pages can link to the one style sheet. If you need to update the styles across the whole website, you only need to change one file.