Definitions for "Subject matter"
Keywords:  artistic, topic, theme, art, percept
the objects or people depicted in representational art.
(1) The raw material of experience leading to the creative act. (2) Traditionally the person or things represented. (3) The topic, theme, or motif of a work of art. (4) The percept or the concept leading to the manipulation of media for artistic ends.
Things represented in a work of art
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a tricky task
When partitioning applications one identifies cohesive subject matters for the subsystems. A subject matter is a large-scale conceptual entity or domain that represents a collection of closely related knowledge and behavior responsibilities. The entity must be identifiable in some problem space. Examples of subject matters are: General Ledger, GUI, system test, inventory control, resource allocation, memory management, etc.
A data heading listing descriptors used for indexing CELEX documents.
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A strand or branch of content within a content area or discipline. Or, the specific concept(s) or skill(s) within the content area that is being taught and that is the subject (or focus) of the lesson.
the technical content of a patent or patent application in the description, claims and drawings.
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what a communication that is about something is about