Definitions for "Supercritical"
A wing which has an unusually high critical Mach No. for its sweep angle and t/c;
descriptive of a wing that has an unusually high critical Mach No for its t/c and sweep angle, due to the use of an advanced aerofoil section
Thermodynamics. A condition in which a substance experiences a change in its pressure, temperature, or volume that would normally carry the system through its critical point although no phase change is observed. Nucleonics. of, relating to, having, or operating with a multiplication factor greater than one.
When each fission in a reactor results in more than one subsequent fission, resulting in a runaway chain reaction except in carefully controlled cases when reactor power is being increased in a controlled way by making it slightly supercritical for brief periods.
(especially of fissionable material) able to sustain a chain reaction in such a manner that the rate of reaction increases