Definitions for "Superstitial"
A rich media technology, created by Unicast, that is used to create pop-up ads that can use any other rich media or standard creative format for the display of the ad. Superstitial ads are displayed only after the applet is loaded into a user's browser cache. See also rich media.
A Web page, usually no larger than one fourth of a full screen, that appears over another Web page to deliver ad content. Superstitials can be timed to open after a page is loaded or can be triggered when a user mouses over a banner or button. Also known as a Pop-up Window or Daughter Window.
This ad format was created by Unicast as a non-banner, interactive advertisement. This type of ad is created using Java as well as some type of animation technology such as Flash and typically plays out like a mini-commercial. A superstitial ad is delivered with a "polite" cache and play delivery format. While the user is looking at an ad, the superstitial ad loads in the background and only displays once it's completely downloaded. If the user were to close the window, the superstitial ad would not even display. Typically, the ad displays in a pop-up. While the pop-up can easily be closed, the ad cannot be prevented from displaying. Publishers can use superstitial ads as an alternative to the banner ad. The main difference between an interstitial and a superstitial ad is that an interstitial ad does not load in the background.
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