Definitions for "SUSPENDERS"
I believe ladies suspender-belts are called 'garter-belts' in the USA. They were not used to hold up men's trousers. The British call such devices 'braces.'
garter belt
Suspenders are small straps or bands that hold up socks or stockings. They are straps that run over the shoulders and support or hold up trousers or a skirt.
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One series of vats or pits used in tanning heavy leathers, the hides being hung so as to be exposed as freely as possible to the action of the liquor. The suspender pits usually contain the weakest liquor, and the hides are treated in them before passing to the handlers and layers.
Tension members of a suspension bridge which hang from the main cable to support the deck. Also similar tension members of an arch bridge which features a suspended deck. Also called hangers.