Definitions for "Switchboard"
an elctrical apparatus consisting predominantly of a panel on which are switches or other means of completing electrical circuits; -- used especially for the devices used in telephone exchanges. See sense 2.
An apparatus containing switches by means of which a connection may be made from an incoming telephone line to any one of numerous outgoing lines. The switches may be either mechanical or electronic, and the switching action may be automatic, controlled by signals in the incoming call, or manual, controlled by a switchboard operator. In older style manual switchboards, the circuits were connected by the use of patchcords, inserted into plugs.
An apparatus consisting of suitable jacks and cords, or special manual switches to connect outlying telephone instruments together.
Keywords:  menu, drop, buttons, tasks, boxes
a form that provides a menu of tasks when you open a database
a screen containing buttons and drop down boxes that can be used as a main menu to control common access functions
set of menus for users
a form that helps navigate an Access database more efficiently
a form with buttons that help a user navigate through the database
a navigational tool
a rounded rectangle with a horizontal line dividing it into unequal parts, the upper being the smaller one
Switchboard is a conceptual-level interface to many web and network related functions , designed for the Processing environment.
Keywords:  dialog, entry, things, box, single
a dialog box you create that works as a single point of entry into the application and gives the user a list of things they can do when they first open the application
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Console from which the lighting is controlled.
Keywords:  actions, reports, open, perform, allows
a form that allows you to open other reports or forms or to perform other actions
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