Definitions for "Tabbing"
a visual/ physical way of keeping count by inserting a small paper tab at every 100th envelope. Adds a little to the cost per 1,000 envelopes. Banding, in qtys. from 8 to 50 is an option.
Refers to sealing a mailing piece such as a brochure with a small, round sticker to prevent the piece from opening up during transit.
A small piece of paper is placed at a customer's request after a certain number of envelopes, indicating the count in the box.
Method of applying high strength adhesives to shingles for wind resistance. French (Collage des pattes)
Keywords:  verbification, stops, fields, key, word
Tabbing is the operation of using the Tab key of a computer to move between different fields in a form, or between different Tab stops on a word processing page. It is a verbification from tab.
index cutting
During binding, the cutting or adhering of tabs on the edges of pages.