Definitions for "tal "
see Target Analyte List
Target Analyte List (Inorganics)
Target Analyte List, derived from the USEPA Priority Pollutant List
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a metrical/rhythmic orientation device used in Indian music
Pair of small and deep, traditional cymbals – slightly larger than manjirãs – used in the accompaniment of other percussion instruments. Pair of hand-held wooden blocks holding mini-cymbals that chime when shaken or struck. Used in the accompaniment of other percussion instruments. Similar to present-day kartãls. Pair of drums. Traditional Indian percussion instrument played to accompany the singing of devotional songs – similar to present-day tablãs.
A cycle of matras or beats used as a standard for accompaniment in Indian music.
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Tal (タル, Taru) is a character in Konami's role playing game Suikoden IV. A friend of Lazlo En Kuldes in the Knights of Razril, he fought by his side during the Kooluk Southern Expansion.
Former World Champion who defeated Botvinnik, but lost the rematch. His fans idolized him and he was probably the most loved world champion in history. He had a speculative attacking style.
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tal aligns common characters at the ends of lines. This is especially useful for making long C macro definitions look nice or for repairing "broken" comment boxes. tal works on any kind of common ending, which it autodetects. Intended as, but not limited to being, a filter program for text editors.
Adobe Type Align
The Alberta Library is a province-wide multitype library consortium. TAL uses resource sharing, actively initiates and facilitates cooperative activity, coordinates communication and advocates on behalf of its members.
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end Tal-y-bont
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Release into the Tailrace within 0.5 km downstream of Dam
us—Rock debris and boulders that accumulate at the base of a cliff.
pharmaceutical abbreviation, of such (talis)
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Thick ascending limb
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Traffic Advisory Leaflet (aka Red Top)
such, such a