Definitions for "tanning bed"
Keywords:  uvb, uva, cosmetic, ultraviolet, emit
a cosmetic device that emits ultraviolet radiation such as UVA and also UVB to generate artificial tanning
a device emitting ultraviolet radiation used for cosmetic reasons (to induce an artificial
an important option to improve your look by getting a tan with no sun exposure or when there is no sun
Keywords:  salons, gadget, commonly, device
a device or gadget that is commonly used by tanning salons
Keywords:  chocko, wanna, boy, sweet, sugar
a thing you have to use if you wanna be a sugar-sweet-chocko boy
Keywords:  great, winter, get, safe, way
a great place to grow vegetables in the winter
a great way to get a tan
a safe way to get a tan
Keywords:  impossible, luxury, meet, item, may
a luxury item, and the terms of the loan may be impossible to meet