Definitions for "TATE"
Used in central Kentucky for peritidal facies of the C2 sequence. Basal member of the Ashlock Formation. Underlain by the Calloway Creek Formation and overlain by the Gilbert Member of the Ashlock Formation. Includes the Back Bed, a tongue of shallow subtidal facies, which may be the depositionally updip equivalent to the Miamitown Shale.
Viewing mode available in some vertscrollers which displays the playing field at full size, rotated 90 degrees to the right. Designed to be used on certain monitors which can be turned on their sides, so as to display the game on a vertically-oriented manner similar to an arcade monitor. The preferred screen format of most shmup players, but it cannot be used on most televisions, since turning standard sets on their sides can break them. Can be used as a verb, as in I tated my monitor to play this game. Also presented as Arcade Mode or Full-Screen Mode. Tate is a shortened form of the Japanese verb tateru, which means “to stand.” Pronounced tah-teh, though the common mispronunciation of tayte has gained semi-acceptance. Also commonly spelled with all capital letters ( TATE), though it is not an acronym.
Tate is the United Kingdom state museum of British and modern art, and is a network of four art galleries in [England]]: Tate Britain (opened 1897), Tate Liverpool (1988), Tate St Ives (1993) and Tate Modern (2000), with a complementary website, Tate Online (1998). It was founded with the official title the National Gallery of British Art and was renamed after Henry Tate funded a building for it at Millbank in London. This was its sole venue until the end of the 20th century.
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United States poet and critic (1899-1979)