Definitions for "taxes"
Everyone citizen was taxed and it went straight to the government.
The contribution required of persons, groups, or businesses within a governmental jurisdiction for the support of governmental programs. Tech-Net: Tech-Net is an electronic gateway of technology information and resources for and about small high tech businesses. It is a search engine for researchers, scientists, state, federal and local government officials, a marketing tool for small firms and a potential "link" to investment opportunities for investors and other sources of capital.
Mandatory payments of money to the government, which is then used by the government to make available public goods and services, which benefit the entire community.
SunRocket includes all the associated taxes and surcharges in the Bottom-Line Priceâ„ . All fees and taxes that apply to your service are included in the price of your service plan. Unlike other phone companies that tack on numerous fees and taxes on top of their advertised prices, with SunRocket, all you pay what you expect, and not a penny more
This amount is added to the base fare to make up the total airfare.  Each destination and  routing  will determine taxes. There are US ticket tax, Passenger Facility charges, surcharges, Federal Segment fees, 9/11 security fee and non-us destinations taxes.  Not including internatinational taxes or domestic taxes. These taxes are per ticket and include, without limitations.
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Your Kennel and Tax Reform Business or Hobby Understanding Tax Laws Take the bite out of your taxes Book tells how to leave money to pets Bone up on Hobby Tax Rules
The contribution required of persons, groups, or businesses within a governmental jurisdiction for the support of governmental programs. Springtime brings a flood of questions about State taxes.
This name is given to behaviour that involves movement to or away from a stimulus. An example would be cockroaches fleeing from light.
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See Ad Valorem Taxes
a responsible persons, which will demystify payroll Department
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plural of tax
Mortgage customers are offered the choice to either pay their own property taxes directly to the municipality or have the lender collect taxes as part of their regular payment and remit it to the municipality on their behalf.
The owner should be expected to pay property taxes during the occupancy period.
There are several kinds of taxes involved in a real estate transaction such as Property taxes, intangible tax, and transfer tax. Property taxes are prorated between the buyer and seller at closing.
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n.: Of life's two certainties, the only one for which you can get an extension.
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As a part of PITI, the amount of the monthly mortgage payment which does not include the principal, interest, and insurance.
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a promise made
Specifies whether landlord or tenant is responsible for the property taxes.
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Total taxes paid minus transfer payments.
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an insurance premium on income