Definitions for "Telemeter"
An instrument used for measuring the distance of an object from an observer; as, a telescope with a micrometer for measuring the apparent diameter of an object whose real dimensions are known.
A measuring instrument which sends the information obtained from its sensors by radio to a distant station, usually to be recorded there; also, the complete system including measuring instrument, transmitter, and receiver. Such instruments are used, for example, to measure conditions in space or in other locations difficult of access for humans observers, or merely to allow one observer to monitor conditions in many places simultaneously.
any scientific instrument for observing events at a distance and transmitting the information back to the observer
To transmit to a distant receiving station by radio or other electronic means.
1. an instrument that provides its data readout to a location remote from the sensing device; 2. to transmit data to a remote point
The unique structure found at the end of eukaryotic chromosomes containing specialized sequences of DNA that assures the completion of a cycle of DNA replication.