Definitions for "TEP"
Transitional Employment Program (for inmates and parolees)
Terminal error program.
Therapeutic Education Program. The Therapeutic Education Program serves students in grades 5-8 who present a wide range of academic, emotional, and social difficulties due primarily to neurological and atypical syndromes. See Middle School Programs.
tent entry panel
Technical Evaluation Panel. a group of Government employees responsible for evaluating original contract proposals, making recommendations to the chairperson regarding clarifications and deficiencies of proposals, and, if required by the contracting officer, assisting the contracting officers during discussions and negotiations, and reviewing supplemental, revised and/or "best and final" offers. Outside evaluators may be used when they possess a required expertise which is not available within the Government, or as required by law.
Technical Evaluation Panel. A panel generally made up of the LGU, the local BWSR board conservationist, and a member of the Countys Soil and Water Conservation District. A DNR representative will also be present if the subject involves a DNR water or adjacent to such waters. The panel provides technical wetland support to the LGU.
Tracheo-esophageal puncture: The procedure in which a small opening is created between trachea and esophagus, to allow air to flow into the pharynx to produce sound.
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triethyl phosphate
Traded Endowment Policy. Another name for Second-Hand Endowment Policy (SHEP).
Trade and Economic Policy (Committee)
This is the process of translating the text elements (strings from the software or text files). After initial translation the texts are edited and proofread.
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Total Extra-Peritoneal Repair
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Trust and Estate Practitioner
Test Execution Package. The actual set of instructions, scripts, results tables, and any other document used to test and report compliance with certain specifications.