Definitions for "Testimonies"
The practical, day by day expression of one's inner life. The four historic Testimonies are Peace, Simplicity, Equality, and Community. Truthfulness, Honesty or Integrity is also considered a Testimony. Another testimony is the search for Truth based on the early Quakers being Seekers of Truth and Pulbishers of Truth. Recently there is developing a testimony on the environment. This testimony extends the testimonies on Peace, Equality, and Community to include all of life and the many biosystems. The testimony on Simplicity is an effective guide to reducing the human impact on the rest of life.
Convictions based on beliefs of the Society of Friends which give direction to our lives. Some of these testimonies are seeking for Divine Guidance, simplicity, integrity, peace as opposed to war, temperance in all things, affirmation instead of "swearing" in court, the worth of each individual regardless of race, sex or religion.
(when in the plural always refers to laws The God has spoken directly): Decrees by The God attested in Scripture (Ps. 119:2,129).