Definitions for "The Other Side"
Keywords:  album, song, aerosmith, dyk, godsmack
The Other Side is an acoustic EP by hard rock band Godsmack, released in 2004. It includes several previously released songs re-recorded as acoustic versions, as well as three new acoustic tracks: "Running Blind", "Touché", and "Voices". The song "Asleep" is actually the acoustic version of "Awake" off the band's second album of the same name.
The Other Side is an album by American singer Eva Cassidy and DC go-go funk musician Chuck Brown, recorded in 1992 and released in 1995. (see 1995 in music).
"The Other Side" is a single released on Paul van Dyk's second DJ mix album The Politics of Dancing 2. Paul van Dyk wrote "The Other Side" in retort to the devastating tsunami which hit South East Asia on the 26th of December, 2004. Van Dyk believes it is important to recognise that many thousands of people were affected by death and the lost of loved ones.