Definitions for "THUD "
A dull sound without resonance, like that produced by striking with, or striking against, some comparatively soft substance; also, the stroke or blow producing such sound; as, the thrud of a cannon ball striking the earth.
To make, or strike so as to make, a dull sound, or thud.
The F-105 Thunderchief was always called the Thud by those who flew it. It was a single-engined jet fighter-bomber that carried the major load of strikes against North Vietnam.
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THUD is an unlockable skater from Tony Hawk's Underground. It can be unlocked by finishing the game on Sick difficulty, or using the cheat code NOOO!!. It is a reptilian monster that, when selected on the skater selection screen, jumps out of a sewer, as seen in the before-game clip.
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make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants
When a girl's giving you head, right after your blow your load down her throat, you pull out your still hard cock and smack her right between the eyes with it. It makes a nice thudding noise, hence the name. Strictly a class move, and to show her who's boss. - Bigdog, Illinois
THUD is a register transfer level simulation environment optimized for cycle- based designs. The design is expressed in TH, a Scheme-based hardware description language that supports 1/0/x operators and hierarchical instantiation. THUD can be used as a library, in batch mode, or through one of its interactive interfaces.
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THuD - an Extensible TiVo Home Media Option Daemon