Definitions for "Ticketing"
All activities associated with fare collection and counting, including supervision and clerical support. Includes printing, distributing, selling and controlling of tickets, tokens and passes; pulling and transporting vaults to counting facilities; counting and auditing of fare collection; and providing security for the fare collection process. Also refered to as "fare collecting."
Applications supported by RepeatSeat software, including Point-of-Sale (POS), Internet and wireless application protocol that enable RepeatSeat to offer clients venues unique and complete solutions and services ensuring venue's customers-the consumer- receive the exceptional ticketing and customer service they deserve and desire.
A method used to report an error or problem with a software product. Usually part of an on-line customer care tool whereby the customer logs a ticket on-line which sends and email to the software support team where it is acknowledged, logged, prioritised and resolved according to the terms of the SLA.
Fran├žais : Vente de tickets Deutsch : Fahrausweisverkauf
A periodical sale of ore in the English mining districts; -- so called from the tickets upon which are written the bids of the buyers.