Definitions for "Time control"
Keywords:  rally, ferme, parc, penalized, decreed
A time control station manned by rally officials. Crews must arrive to such a station on exact minute as decreed by schedule, early or late arrivals are penalized with ten seconds per one minute of time difference. Usually there are time controls on both ends of stages, entrance and exit to service areas and parc ferme.
A location where cars must stop to get their official passing time recorded by rally officials.
mind control mechanism. See the time control entry in the Cult FAQ.
The amount of time given to reach a certain number of moves. In international competition, this varies, though one common time control is 40 moves in 2 hours (extra time is given after 40 moves have been played). If a player uses up his 2 hour allocation and he has not yet made 40 moves, he will lose the game by forfeit no matter what the position on the board is like.
A specific number of moves in a specific amount of time. Time controls can be either traditional or sudden death.