Definitions for "Tipping point"
the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point; the point when everyday things reach epidemic proportions.
a concept drawn from epidemiology, where it describes the moment at which an infectious disease becomes a public health crisis
a dramatic moment when a unique, uncommon idea becomes a prevalent and prized value
TippingPoint (formerly Netpliance), a division of 3 Com, is a provider of network-based Intrusion-prevention system. TippingPoint has been pioneering the IPS market since it launched its first network-based intrusion prevention system in 2002, and continuously leads the industry by being first to market with innovative IPS features such as spyware protection and multi-gigabit throughput. TippingPoint is the only intrusion prevention system to offer Vo IP security, bandwidth management, peer-to-peer protection, and default "Recommended Settings" to accurately block malicious traffic automatically upon installation without tuning.
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