Definitions for "Tomfoolery"
Keywords:  trifling, folly
Folly; trifling.
noun; origin: Jacquie, as a counterpart to jackassery Used only in conjunction with jackassery to magnify the level of outright silliness taking place[Picture it: Brooklyn; winter 2005. Sarah, fresh out of a state of idleness and now looking to engage in some jackassery, ventures up to Jacquie's room at one in the morning. Jacquie is sleeping, resting so that she can go to work in the morning. Sarah, who enjoys a level of unemployment, proceeds to try to wake Jacquie up by turning on all her lights and opening all of her window shutters.] "Sarah!! Leave me alone!! I have to go to work in six hours, and do not have time for your jackassery and tomfoolery
Keywords:  senseless, foolish, behavior
foolish or senseless behavior