Definitions for "TONG "
TONG is Tetris and Pong in the same place at the same time. Think you're an old-school game master? Have at two classics at once! Rules governing what happens when pong balls hit Tetris pieces change on-the-fly and are wildly customizable. Set up your game your way, tuning all game settings to your liking.
This project is a development of a new version of the Pong game. With some new features.
In China, an association, secret society, or organization of any kind; in the United States, usually, a secret association of Chinese such as that of the highbinders; in the U. S. the tongs have been frequently associated with criminal activity and gang warfare.
family association or clan (Cantonese).
a Chinese association
a tool used to handle stamps
Tweezerlike tool with rounded, polished tips, used to handle stamps. Tongs prevent stamps from being soiled by dirt, oil or perspiration.