Definitions for "Toning"
Solutions called toners are used to change the colour of a black and white photographic image. Various toners are available which add there own Cold or Warm tones to the print (Sepia is the most well known). (see Tone)
The natural process where a coin's surface oxidises over a number of years due to contact with the air. Blue, yellow, gold and red tonings can occur. If attractive, toning can add value to a coin.
The name given to what happens to the colour of a coin over time. Often silver coins will tone beautifully and show traces of blues and purples. Normally worn coins do not get a chance to tone.
toning: the use of various sounds for the purpose of healing and Spiritual expansion.
Use of the voice for healing, creativity and vitality.
in sound healing, a nonverbal sound to balance energy fields in the body.
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Alternate term for Scumming.
See scum.
A deleterious condition of a cover resembling darkening or discoloration caused by excess gum at the edge of the stamp or a stain from the gum of the envelope flap. May also result from chemicals used in the production of inexpensive envelopes.
the undesirable discoloration of a cover or a stamp; also sometimes known as "foxing."
The gradual yellowing or browning of paper with age. It is caused by ultraviolet light, oxygen or pollutants in the air, or chemicals used in the paper making process.
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tightening or firming of the muscles.