Definitions for "TOU"
TOU is an action paced side-view game, former developed by a small group called GigaMess, now distributed and developed by an OpenSource-Group . The basic idea is to fly a spaceship in order to wipe out your enemies.
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Head. Tou Fa = hair. Huang Tou Fa = blonde hair; Mei You Tou Fa = bald-literally "Has No Hair". Mei You Tou = means "Has No Head" as in, "You're so stupid, you have no head". See Mei You.
King Tou or Toi is the name of a king of Hamath, a city located in Syria. He is only mentioned in 1 Chronicles 18:9-10.
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Time Of Use electricity rate structure
Time of Use. Rates that vary by the time of day that the electricity is used, with higher rates being charged during hours of peak system usage. Consumers may potentially lower their costs by shifting their usage to "non-peak" hours when electricity is available at a lower rate. In most cases, this requires a special meter.
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