Definitions for "TPO"
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Tree Preservation Order. Local planning authority designation which can be placed on a tree, a group of trees or woodland to help conserve the amenity of an area.
A court order protecting the Victim from a defendant in a criminal case. The case must have been a crime of violence. A motion needs to be filed with the case. A Judge then rules on the motion. If granted, the defendant must obey the terms of the TPO until the case is over.
Tree Preservation Order. An order preventing the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting or wilful damage to a tree/group of trees. The order is made under Section 160 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997.
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See: Thermoplastics.
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On an output point, varies the duty cycle (how often the output is turned on) and the percentage of on time within that cycle. TPO is often combined with a PID loop and used to control the output, for example in a heater or oven. Some Opto 22 brains, such as the SNAP-PAC-EB1, provide both TPO and PID.
A circular date stamp postmark applied to mail sorted overnight in special Royal Mail train carriages.
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Time Price Opportunity. Time spent at each price level.
A TPO is a Time Price Opportunity. A TPO represents any price that is traded in a half hour-period.
Time-Price Opportunity; a price that occurs during designated half-hour periods of trading; a price-time relationship developed for the Chicago Board of Trade's Market Profile and Liquidity Data Bank reports.
TDU Programme Office
Tenant Participation Officer. An officer within a local authority housing department or a Housing Association responsible for building and maintaining the involvement of tenants in an area of housing.
Under the direction of the CIO, the TPO coordinates product, priority, and project management.
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OSI Transport Protocol Class 0 (Simple Class). This is the simplest OSI Transport Protocol, useful only on top of an X.25 network (or other network that does not lose or damage data).
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Third-Party Originators
Third party only cover
Transaction Processing Option ( TPO) was an Oracle6 database option that was later replaced with the Oracle7 Procedural Option.
Treatment, Payment, and Operations.