Definitions for "Tradesman"
A mechanic or artificer; esp., one whose livelihood depends upon the labor of his hands.
craftsman, journeyman, mechanic, artisan A man who has been an apprentice for some years in the building trade and is therefore fully skilled in it. He may be a bricklayer, carpenter, joiner, electrician, floor and wall tiler, glazier, hot-water fitter, house painter, mason, paperhanger, plasterer, plumber, slater-and-tiler, steeplejack, etc.
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One who trades; a shopkeeper.
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a wicked man and a wicked man will be in Hell except for those who take their right in justice and give people's right (in full)"
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Someone who knows more than you think he does, works harder than you realize, and — when masterful at his work, is better at what he does than you are at what you do, nine out of ten.
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a merchant who owns or manages a shop
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a type of worker found in all cultures throughout the world