Definitions for "Transaction log"
Keywords:  decdtm, log, crash, database, exchsrvr
A manual or automated log of all updates to data files and databases.
a typical relational database (and some OO databases) uses a separated file where it keeps the history of transactions. When a crash happens, the engine reads that file on startup and determines the changes the need to be confirmed and the changes that need to be undone. IB doesn't use such facility, because if a crash happens, the MGA will discard internally the record versions that pertain to uncommitted transactions, the next time the database is accessed.
A log used by DECdtm services to record information about transactions. The Log Manager Control Program (LMCP) is used to create a transaction log.
an autonomous file containing records of the individual transactions processed by a computerized IR or OPAC system
an electronic paper trail or recording of every single transaction at the casino or sports book
a record of all transactions made by a business
a file that contains all information about transaction processing