Definitions for "Transcend"
The 3Com umbrella management system used to manage all of 3Com's networking solutions.
An integrated management solution from 3Com that is based on groups of logically related devices and includes a powerful set of management tools.
Given the inevitable complexities of corporate strategy, some strategists argue that every organisation needs an approach to management that transcends these problems and copes with such difficulties.
v. To become vastly superhuman and incomprehensible for unaugmented beings. [Vernor Vinge, A Fire Upon the Deep
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To pass over; to go beyond; to exceed.
To surpass; to outgo; to excel; to exceed.
To be transcendent; to excel.
To rise above; to surmount; as, lights in the heavens transcending the region of the clouds.
to rise above, usually above delusive or limiting problems and challenges arising from egoism, materialism and ignorance of God.
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Transcend Information, Inc., (Transcend) is a global high-technology company with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Transcend's product portfolio consists of over 2,000 devices including, memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, MP3 players, portable hard drives, multimedia products, graphics cards and accessories.
A retro-style, abstract, artistic game of visual and auditory collage building.
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To climb; to mount.