Definitions for "Transect"
A straight line placed on the ground along which ecological measurements are taken. If an ecologist wanted to sample the diversity of intertidal organisms in the intertidal, he/she would place a number of transects perpendicular to the shore and take samples at predetermined interval lengths.
a linear sampling area.
A narrow strip along which researc...
a narrow, rectangular area designed to encompass a broad range of habitats, in this case, from the San Joaquin Valley, through the Sierra Nevada, and to the Great Basin near Mono Lake
a visual cross-section of a particular environment that highlights the different microenvironments or subsystems within the area under investigation
A fixed linear area where organisms are enumerated to estimate their density and distribution in relation to their habitat.
The urban-to-rural transect is an urban planning model created by Andrés Duany. The transect defines a series of zones that transition from sparse rural farmhouses to the dense urban core. Each zone is fractal in that it contains a similar transition from the edge to the centre of the neighbourhood.