Definitions for "Travelogue"
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Travelogue is the debut album of Kashmir. It was released in 1994.
Travelogue is a 2002 double album by Joni Mitchell featuring orchestral re-recordings of songs from throughout her career. It is the follow-up to 2001's Both Sides Now which had a similar format. Upon release Mitchell announced that it would be her last album, but later revealed work on a new studio album.
a film or illustrated lecture on traveling
a lecture or talk on a place that you have visited or would like to visit
Travelogue films, a form of Virtual tourism or travel documentary, have been providing information and entertainment about distant parts of the world since the late 19th century.
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a description of a trip or portrait of a place, usually as seen through the eyes of a visitor
a record of the events, sights and personal feelings which a traveller experiences as they go from place to place
a story about a far away place - it doesn't have to be far away, yet that seems appropriate - that presents a variety of
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a first person account of a travel experience
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a record of your travels