Definitions for "Tribune"
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Anciently, a bench or elevated place, from which speeches were delivered; in France, a kind of pulpit in the hall of the legislative assembly, where a member stands while making an address; any place occupied by a public orator.
One of the officials elected to represent the interests of the common people in ancient Rome. Tribune was also a rank in the Roman army.
In Romanesque church architecture, upper galleries built over the inner aisles.
An officer or magistrate chosen by the people, to protect them from the oppression of the patricians, or nobles, and to defend their liberties against any attempts that might be made upon them by the senate and consuls.
normally, the second step on the road of honor, the career path of a Senator. For two to three years when he was in his late teens or early twenties the young man would become a field-grade officer in a Legion.
Tribune is a democratic socialist weekly, currently a magazine though in the past more often a newspaper, published in London.
Tribune is an ambiguous often misused architectural term which can have several meanings.
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